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Ideal Utilitarianism

"A utilitarian theory which denies that the sole object of moral concern is the maximising of pleasure or happiness. In G.E. Moore's version of ideal utilitarianism in Principia Ethica 1903, it is aesthetic experiences and relations of friendship that have intrinsic value, and therefore ought to be sought and promoted, while consciousness of pain, hatred or contempt of what is good or beautiful, and the love admiration or enjoyment of what is evil or ugly are the three things that have intrinsic disvalue and should therefore be shunned and prevented.

It was Hastings Rashdall (1858-1924) in The Theory of Good and Evil 1907 who first used 'ideal utilitarianism' for non-hedonistic utilitarianism of this kind."

The Penguin Dictionary of Philosophy
ed. Thomas Mautner
ISBN 0-14-051250-0


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